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Religious Education Program

Mission Statement

The Religious Education Program at Saint Matthew Church has as its foundation the understanding that we as church educators are here only to assist the parents in carrying out their responsibilities for the religious formation of their children. We attempt to accomplish this goal by empowering each catechist with a formation program of their own that gives them the confidence and the practical knowledge to instruct the children entrusted to their care.

Together, we strive to develop an integrated program that appeals to the spiritual senses of our children providing for them a comprehensive and holistic faith experience. The catechists associated with the Religious Education program, together with the parents, work as a team to pass along Jesus' gospel message to our children.

As a registered member of this parish, your children have the opportunity to grow in faith in our Religious Education Program. We encourage you to attend Mass with your children and teach them simple prayers: The Sign of the Cross, The Lord's Prayer (Our Father who art in heaven…), The Hail Mary, The Glory Be, and Grace Before and After Meals.

Who should register for Religious Education?

Children Grade 1 through Grade 8 not attending a Catholic school. 

Those registering for the first time should attach a copy of their Baptismal Certificate to the Registration Form.

ALL students entering Grade 9, no matter where they attend high school, in order to be eligible for Confirmation in Grade 10.

  • Session I 8:30 - 9:30
    Grade 9 and Grade 10: Confirmation I and II
  • Session II 10:00 - 11:00
    Grade 1-8: All Students in these grades.


If you would like information about teaching a Religious Education class, please call Maryann Wisniewski at 860-583-7806 ext. 2. Teachers who are parents of Religious Education students receive a reduced rate for their child's tuition.

Tuition Rates for Religious Education

  • One child $60
  • Two children $100
  • Three or more children $120

Registration Forms are available in the Rectory Office entryway. Check future Bulletins and/or call Maryann Wiesniewski for additional information.

New students may register by printing the registration form.

Download Registration Form

Religious Education Contact Information

Monday - Saturday  (860) 583-7806 ext 2

Sunday mornings 8 am to 11:30 am (860) 583-5214

Mailing Address:
120 Church Avenue P.O. Box 9216
Forestville, CT 06011-9216